Orchid Collection at the Bayberry Inn, Cape May, NJ

Our Beautiful Orchids at the Bayberry Inn, Cape May, NJ

What began as an innocent birthday gift from Andy to Toby, sparked a new passion - orchids! Though we always enjoyed our house plants, we were delighted with the lasting beauty of this exotic plant.

Well, one thing led to another...Now, we have a mini green-house full of these living gems! Our orchid collection includes over 200 varieties of amazing plants.

Andy lovingly cares for them each day, and we display the ones that are in bloom for all to enjoy.

Our guests are often surprised with the wide variety of orchid species and hybrids we now have. One lovely orchid smells like chocolate when in bloom, another reminds you of honeysuckles; though most of our orchids don't have a fragrance, or it is quite subtle.

Decorating with living orchids is not new. Victorians were orchid lovers and liked to collect and display them in their homes. Many orchids were discovered and named in the Victorian era.

They certainly add beauty and grace wherever they they're grown! We enjoy sharing what we've learned about orchids with our guests who have questions, though we're by no means experts. It's just our passion.


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Award Winning Orchids

Award-winning orchid at the Bayberry Inn, Cape May, NJ

Many of our orchids have won awards at garden clubs and shows. Come see the orchids currently in bloom at the Bayberry Inn.